Yo Indio in Spanish means “Me Indian or I Indian” – YoIndio.com is cool, is it not?

I’m a travel person, a foodie, and love to take a long drive. Yes, you guessed it right, YoIndio.com is primarily a “travel and food” blog.  

You will find here my travel and food experiences from the southern part of India and much more from the garden city.

Why garden city? Because I’m from Bengaluru! 

I wish to travel to every corner of India, difficult but possible!

What do I do when I’m not travelling? Photography?

I’m experimenting with Photography and Photo Editing so you can check them all in my Instagram account.  

Just waiting for the pandemic to end to hit the road.  

I’m on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – you can connect to me through these mediums or the contact page.

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