is a scam You will Lose your Money Beware is a scam Report to Cyber Crime 

Delete it immediately if you receive a part-time job opportunity with a WhatsApp link bearing number 85269357311. Also, do not ever share the SMS with others. 

If you react to the SMS, you will end up losing money. 


When you click on the WhatsApp link, you will connect to a person by the name Elumalai (may not be a real name)

He will make you log in to the website and deposit money. Then he will gain your trust by returning some money to you. 

You will think that the scheme is legitimate and may deposit more money. And this money is gone. 

I know somebody who deposited Rs. 300,000/- and never got the money back or money's worth. 

They pleaded with this guy (85269357311) to return the money. 

He would say deposit Rs. 35000/- and withdraw all the money. Like this, the person deposited the capital several times, and it totaled 300,000/-. 

Please keep in mind the Website – and the number 85269357311 – I hope you don't fall prey to this fraudster. 


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