Shree Saravana Bhavan Krishnagiri Feb-2021

I have known the Shree Saravana Bhavan restaurant in Avathanapatti, Krishnagiri for more than 7 years now. Since then I have not gone to any other restaurant when I travelled in the Krishnagiri route. The simple reason is, the food is awesome here. 

This is a restaurant for authentic Tamil Nadu style food and some tasty Chinese dishes. I am presenting some photographs of food captured in Shree Saravana Bhavan restaurant. 

Plain Ghee Dosa

Ghee Dosa

The children will love the plain ghee dosa for its shape. It’s a super roast, papery and taste wise it is not bad. For a normal adult, the Ghee Dosa may not be filling. 

Fried Rice & Tomato Ketchup

Fried Rice Ketchup

The fried rice & tomato ketchup looks tasty! Isn't it? I felt it was good but slightly dry. The rice did not stick to each other and this food is good to try once. 

Chilli Mushroom

Chilli Mashroom

This is the spiciest thing I had here. I doubt if the Chinese can withstand this kind of spice in their regular diet. 

Chilli Paneer 

Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer is the best thing I had here in Shree Saravana Bhavan when it comes to the starters. This too is bit spicy but tolerable. 

Parota Kurma

Parota Kurma

Parota, Kurma and Onion Raita are too good and I suppose this one is the signature dish here. 

Shree Saravana Bhavan Imitation

Shree Saravana Bhavan Krishnagiri

When you travel on the Bengaluru Salem Highway, you will come across a dozen restaurants with the same name and logo. Quite obviously they are all different and the quality, quantity and taste will not be the same. 

All the photos in this post were captured with the smartphone.


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