Philips Trimmer BT1210

 If you are the  one who spends ₹50 to ₹100 per shave, you can save a lot of money with this Philips Trimmer BT1210. 

I keep a light beard and get it trimmed once in 15 days and the expenses were Rs. 50 - Rs. 100 depending on the place I am travelling in. 

Why I purchased Philips Trimmer BT1210 - Trimmer is a travel essential now. It is good to use personal trimmers to be safe. 

Philips Series 1000 BT1210 Photographs

Philips Trimmer BT1210

Philips Trimmer BT1210 BOX

Philips Trimmer BT1210
Philips Trimmer BT1210 BOX

What’s inside the BT1210 Box?

  • Trimmer - 1 No. 
  • USB Cable - 1 No.
  • Cleaning Brush - 1 No. 
  • Guarantee Card 
  • Clips - 2 Nos. 

Philips Trimmer BT1210

Philips Trimmer B1210

Post pandemic, I am a bit reluctant now to go to the barber shop. I planned to buy a trimmer but was not sure which brand or model to buy. 

When I was travelling in Mysore, I bought this Philips Trimmer BT1210 from a supermarket. I paid slightly less than the MRP - Rs. 869. 

The actual cost of this philips trimmer is Rs. 895. 

Philips Trimmer BT1210 is made in Indonesia 

Yes, the BT1210 trimmer is made in Indonesia and is imported by Philips India Limited. 

This trimmer is selling at Rs. 879  in, this is MRP and the price can reduce up to 727/- per peice. - you can buy either online or in a nearby shop as there is no major difference in the price. 

I have already used this trimmer twice and recovered Rs. 100 (if I paid Rs. 50 per shave). 

If you are a person who does a clean shave, the Philips BT1210 may not be for you. 

Philips Trimmer B1210 HighLights 

Philips Trimmer BT1210 Highlights

  • Belong to Philips Series 1000 
  • Self Sharpening Blades - brush against each other to stay sharp as on day - 1
  • Dura Power - Increase Battery Life Time by lowering the friction on blades
  • USB charging - for convenient use (cable included adapter not included)


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