Kalabairavar Temple, Dharmapuri (Photo Story)

Kalabairavar Temple Dharmapuri

I have been very regular to the Kalabairavar Temple in Dharmapuri. Devotees from near and far visit this temple to pray for health, wealth, employment, success in business and so on. 

The Kalabairavar or Kalabairava is another form of Lord Shiva. There are several beliefs with regards to this form of deity, you can know from the internet. 

This temple is situated in Adhiyaman Kottai, Dharmapuri District, Tamil Naidu. It is about 155 kms or 3 hours drive from Bengaluru. 

Kalabarava Temple Front Gate

Kalabairavar Temple Dharmapuri

Front view of Kalabairavar Temple at Dharmapuri. A tractor is stationed in front of the temple to transfer the pumpkins, coconuts and other leftovers. 

Pumpkin Deepam, Coconut Deepam & Earthen Deepam

Pumpkin Deepam Kalabairavar

The devotees at the Kalabairava Temple offer Pumpkin Deepam, Coconut Deepam and Earthen Deepam (as seen in the image) and pray to fulfill their wishes. The devotees may or may not prepare this and carry it to the temple. These items are available in the Kalabairavar Temple premises and the devotees can purchase there itself.

Woman Offering Pumpkin Deepam at Kalabairava Temple

Offering Pumpkin Deepam
At the Kalabairavar Temple in Dharmapuri, both men and women can offer Pumpkin Deepam (Pumpkin Lamp) to the god to fulfill their wishes. 
All images captured with a Smartphone

The Kalabairavar Temple at Dharmapuri has witnessed tremendous increase in footfalls in 10 years. 

If you are planning to go to this temple, check out the timings of the temple. It usually opens by 8.30 am and closes in the afternoon to open again at 4.00  pm. 

The Dharmapuri Kalabairavar temple is situated on the highway and there is separate parking available.


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