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Philips Trimmer BT1210

 If you are the  one who spends ₹50 to ₹100 per shave, you can save a lot of money with this Philips Trimmer BT1210.  I keep a light beard and get it trimmed once in 15 days and the expenses were Rs. 50 - Rs. 100 depending on the place I am travelling in.  Why I purchased Philips Trimmer BT1210 - Trimmer is a travel essential now. It is good to use personal trimmers to be safe.  Philips Series 1000 BT1210 Photographs Philips Trimmer BT1210 Philips Trimmer BT1210 BOX Philips Trimmer BT1210 BOX What’s inside the BT1210 Box? Trimmer - 1 No.  USB Cable - 1 No. Cleaning Brush - 1 No.  Guarantee Card  Clips - 2 Nos.  Philips Trimmer BT1210 Post pandemic, I am a bit reluctant now to go to the barber shop. I planned to buy a trimmer but was not sure which brand or model to buy.  When I was travelling in Mysore, I bought this Philips Trimmer BT1210 from a supermarket. I paid slightly less than the MRP - Rs. 869.  The actual cost of this philips trimmer is Rs. 895.  Philips Trimmer BT1210 is mad

Thiruvannamalai Temple Photos (Feb-2021)

Thiruvannamalai Temple Photos (Feb-2021) Thiruvannamalai, the most powerful place and the most powerful temple in India.  It is believed when you visit the Thiruvannamalai Temple at least 3 times during the Ammavasya (no moon), your wishes will be fulfilled.  View of Thiruvannamalai Temple Gopurams and Pond Thiruvannamalai Temple Photos Captured with Mi Smart Phone (Note 5 Pro) Thiruvannamalai Photos Captured with Mi Smartphone (Note 5 Pro) Thiruvannamalai Temple Gopurams Photo Captured with Mi Smartphone (Note 5 Pro) No doubt, during this time, the Thiruvannamalai Temple is crowded with lots of devotees.  Karthikai Deepam is another event in Thiruvannamalai that attracts millions of devotees from near and far.  All photographs are captured using smartphone (Dated: 11th Feb 2021) Access these photos of high resolution without watermark from Google Photos  and support this blog through patreon .

Shree Saravana Bhavan Krishnagiri Feb-2021

I have known the Shree Saravana Bhavan restaurant in Avathanapatti, Krishnagiri for more than 7 years now. Since then I have not gone to any other restaurant when I travelled in the Krishnagiri route. The simple reason is, the food is awesome here.  This is a restaurant for authentic Tamil Nadu style food and some tasty Chinese dishes. I am presenting some photographs of food captured in Shree Saravana Bhavan restaurant.  Plain Ghee Dosa The children will love the plain ghee dosa for its shape. It’s a super roast, papery and taste wise it is not bad. For a normal adult, the Ghee Dosa may not be filling.  Fried Rice & Tomato Ketchup The fried rice & tomato ketchup looks tasty! Isn't it? I felt it was good but slightly dry. The rice did not stick to each other and this food is good to try once.  Chilli Mushroom This is the spiciest thing I had here. I doubt if the Chinese can withstand this kind of spice in their regular diet.  Chilli Paneer  Chilli Paneer is the best thing I

Kalabairavar Temple, Dharmapuri (Photo Story)

Kalabairavar Temple Dharmapuri I have been very regular to the Kalabairavar Temple in Dharmapuri. Devotees from near and far visit this temple to pray for health, wealth, employment, success in business and so on.  The Kalabairavar or Kalabairava is another form of Lord Shiva. There are several beliefs with regards to this form of deity, you can know from the internet.  This temple is situated in Adhiyaman Kottai, Dharmapuri District, Tamil Naidu. It is about 155 kms or 3 hours drive from Bengaluru.  Kalabarava Temple Front Gate Front view of Kalabairavar Temple at Dharmapuri. A tractor is stationed in front of the temple to transfer the pumpkins, coconuts and other leftovers.  Pumpkin Deepam, Coconut Deepam & Earthen Deepam The devotees at the Kalabairava Temple offer Pumpkin Deepam, Coconut Deepam and Earthen Deepam (as seen in the image) and pray to fulfill their wishes. The devotees may or may not prepare this and carry it to the temple. These items are available in the Kalabai