Canon 200D ii Cats Images at Bengaluru

Canon 200D ii Cats Images at Bengaluru

There cannot be a better camera other than Canon 200D Mark ii for beginner photographers. I feel it's the best one to start with. Here are some cat images captured with the Canon DSLR camera at my residence in Bengaluru. 

White Cat

White Cat Image
White Cat Images - Canon 200D Mark ii

These kittens are the offspring of the mother cat that was a regular visitor to our residence. It used to appear from the kitchen window for food and we lovingly fed it. The mother cat became our friend very soon and now the kittens too. The kittens understand that we are good friends to them. 

Bblack and White Cat

Black and White Cat

The Canon 200D Mark ii is a new entry in the gadget list and these cats were first to face the lenses. Fortunately this camera came with two lenses out of which one is the telephoto lens. I put the Canon camera in the auto mode and captured these cat images. I love these photographs, they have really come out well, at least to my satisfaction.

Two Cats

Two Cats

I hope you liked these photographs, these cat images are straight out of camera and are not edited. I have reduced the size to 1080 p for faster loading time. 


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