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Humber Hawk Series I Photo Gallery

Humber Hawk Series I Photo Gallery What you see in this post are the photographs of a Humber Hawk Series I, a classic car that dates back to 1959. The Humber Limited manufactured these cars for the European markets. No wonder this car found its route to India, you know we had a close relationship with the British. Humber Hawk Photo Gallery Humber Logo Humber Hawk Side Profile Humber Hawk Dash Board Humber Hawk Front Profile Humber Hawk Rear I photographed this Humber Hawk in Mysore city.  Thanks to my brother for showing this to me at our cousin's place who is restoring it. I have not done much research about this car in India but I am sure the Humber population is not much here. Before I could put in more of my thoughts, let me give the specification of this Humber Hawk car sourced from the internet.  Humber Hawk Series I, 4 Door Saloon Engine Type: Spark Ignition 4 Stroke Engine Fuel Type: Petrol Fuel System: Carburettor Valves per Cylinder: 2 Valves Displacement: 2267 cm3 Horse