Selfie with Mahishasura Statue

Selfie with Mahishasura Statue

Mahishasura Statue Chamundi Hills
Mahishashura Statue, Chamundi Hill, Mysore

When you reach the summit of Chamundi hills, the first thing you will come across is the beautiful statue of Mahishasura. As you arrive here, you are likely to take the first selfie with the Mahisasura statue.

Mahishasura Statue

Mahishasura (ಮಹಿಷಾಸುರ, ಚಾಮುಂಡಿ ಬೆಟ್ಟ)


Devotees from faraway places come to this sacred hill of Mysore to worship the Goddess Chamundeshwari at the temple dedicated to her atop the hill. The Chamundeshwari hill is about 13 km from the city center.  

Chamundeshwari Temple 

Samundeswari Temple
Chamundeshwari Temple

Priese selling sacred items

Chamundi Temple Priest

The Chamundi Hills or Chamundi Betta (betta "ಬೆಟ್ಟ" means hill in the Kannada language) is not only a religious place but also a place of tourist interest. People of all faith from across the world travel here to admire the beauty of the hill station. 

The Mahishasura statue at the Chamundi hills is a primary attraction and as you can see in the photo, every single traveller will love to take a selfie with it. 

The summit of the hill is the best place to be during the dawn, twilight, and dusk. A perfect place for photography enthusiasts. 
Old Woman

There is a marvelous stone sculpture of the sacred bull, Nandi. Take a left turn while descending, once you come across the signboard. It is another route, very steep.  

Be mindful of monkeys near the Nandi statue because the animals are equally curious like us. They love to sit on the motorcycles, check out mirrors, and even try to damage the seats.

Nandi Statue, Chamundi Hill

Nandi at Chamundi Hill

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