KFC Social Distancing Gallery

KFC Social Distancing 

Photo gallery of our favorite food joint, Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC following social distancing in Bangalore. Covid-19 may have crippled the economy but it cannot stop it. 

Social Distancing in KFC outlet

KFC Social Distancing

Finger Licking Good Banner

Finger Licking Good

Social Distancing Marking

Only three are allowed to sit but dining inside this KFC outlet was banned when I took these photographs. 
Social Distancing

Social Distancing Messages - 1

Social Distancing Messages

Social Distancing Message - 2

Social Distancing Messages

Social Distancing Message - 3

Social Distancing Message KFC

Contactless Takeaway

Contactless Takeaway

Corona virus has come to this world and is going to go very late. Let’ s pray god to give us strength to fight this deadly virus. Hope the medicines and vaccines for corona virus will reach us soon. 

All images captured with Redmi Note 5 Pro smartphone


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