Hotel Hanumanthu Pulav Mysuru (Mysore)

Hotel Hanumanthu Pulav Mysuru (Mysore)

Hotel Hanumanthu is a popular restaurant in Mysore that serves yummy Mutton and Chicken Pulao. 

Hanumanthu Pulao

Hanumanthu Pulao
Hanumanthu Pulao

Mysore is not only a tourist destination but also a destination for food. Unlike Bangalore, the “city of palace” has few restaurants that is worth visiting. The Hotel Hanumanthu is one such restaurant. 

It is about a type of “Mutton or Chicken Pulav” that you will not get to eat in any other restaurant. If you are in Mysore and a “non-vegetarian”, head straight to this restaurant. They are open from 7 AM and are closed on Monday’s.

Mutton Pulav

Mutton Pulao
Mutton Pulav

Hanumanthu Biryani
Mutton Pulao sometimes reffered incorreclty as Mutton Biryani

The restaurant has put a name board “Hotel Hanumanthu” but they are not a hotel. They serve just food!

Like any other popular restaurant, there was one Hanumanthu restaurant in the beginning. Now there are several of them within in the city. 

Most of the time people ask for “Hanumanthu Biryani” which is not correct. What they serve is Pulav or Pulao, however you spell it, the pronunciation remains same. Note that there is a clear distinction between Biryani and Pulao.

Hotel Hanumanthu (Mysore)

Hotel Hanumanthu
Hotel Hanumanthu Mysore
The images you see, including that of mutton pulao, was captured in the oldest Hanumanthu hotel in Mysore. The map link is provided in this post. The photographs were captured with Sony A5100 mirrorless camera.

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All images captured with Sony A5100. Some images are dark due to low light environment. See all posts with photographs captured with Sony A5100.


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