Angry Birds Birthday Cake (Amma’s Pastries)

Angry Birds Birthday Cake (Amma’s Pastries)

My daughter is a big fan of Angry Birds and we decided to present her an Angry Bird Cake for her 11th Birthday. We ordered it from Amma’s Pastries in HRBR Layout, Bangalore.

The cake was delivered to us at no extra cost. The print on the Angry Birds Cake was perfect and I hope the colours are edible.  

This design consumed 1.5 Kgs of pastry and the Ammas Pastry charges us Rs. 925 including delivery charges. That’s $12.3 when you convert into USD.

Angry Birds Birthday Cake (Gallery)

Angry Birds Birthday Cake
Angry Birds Cake

Birthday Candles
Birthday Candles

Angry Birds Cake
Angry Birds Cake

Birthday Candles
Birthday Candles on Angry Bird Cake

Birthday Candles Lit
Birthday Candles Lit (on Angry Birds Cake)

Quick Review 

I am not sure if Amma’s Pastry gave free door delivery before the COVID-19 pandemic. They now give door delivery so there is no need for us to go there and stand in line. I liked their service and full marks for this. 

Full marks to Angry Birds Birthday cake too, there was no flaw in the print. The pastry was awesome but the diabetic should consume too little of this. 

The “11” candle you see in the photograph costs Rs. 40 (Rs. 20 each) and the small candles were there at home already. 

I hope you liked the Angry Birds Birthday Cake and I hope you will manage to order in your neighbourhood. Amma’s is not everywhere but are in several locations in Bangalore. 

Are you a fan of Angry Birds Cake? Click on the label for more posts. You can also share your Angry Birds Cake photographs (original) if you are willing to publish in my blog. 

Note: The Birthday Cake I was referring to is a pastry. Photographs clicked with Sony A5100.


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