Alfaham Chicken at Savoury Restaurant Kammanahalli

Alfaham Chicken at Savoury Restaurant Kammanahalli 

It isn’t difficult to spot the Savoury restaurant on the Kammanahalli main road (Bangalore east), a landmark in itself. It’s a big property with high-class interiors perfectly suitable for family dining. When you dine here, choose between Arabian, Indian and Chinese cuisine. 
Savoury Restaurant in Kammanahalli
Savoury Restaurant in Kammanahalli (Bangalore East)

Alfaham BBQ Chicken 

My order for the day was the Alfaham BBQ Chicken and the Jumbo Shawarma Roll and I chose to parcel it to home instead of dining-in. It is less safe dining out during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Alfaham Chicken
Alfaham Chicken BBQ - Savoury Restaurant (Parcel)

There are several restaurants in Kammanahalli where you can reach out for mouth-watering dishes. The Savoury is certainly the best among them, they serve quality food at an affordable price.

Their menu list runs several pages and I will have to visit the restaurant many times to try it all. There is a lot to try in the vegetarian segment as well.

My favorites in this restaurant are the Alfaham Chicken BBQ (INR 470 full), BBQ Chicken (INR 440 full), Chicken Shawarma Roll (INR 135), and of course the Chicken Biryani (INR 210). With the full Alfaham BBQ Chicken, you will also get 2 Nos. Kuboos, and a generous amount of mayonnaise. There are a good number of Arabian rice varieties that I have not tried yet.

Shawarma Stall

Chicken Shawarma Stall
Chicken Shawarma Stall - Savoury Restaurant in Kammanahalli

As on the day I visited this restaurant in Kammanahalli, the customers were allowed to dine in. Dining-in was allowed just a week ago when the Covid-19 lockdown was relaxed a bit in Bangalore.

I chose not to dine in and opted for a takeaway. I suggest the same to you until the coronavirus situation improves. It is still better if we prepare at home and eat, there are a lot of cookbooks available at Amazon.
However, Savoury restaurant has taken care to ensure social distancing and hand sanitizing. There were notices that barred touching tables or anything for that matter. The staff was wearing gloves while handling food and cash.
If you are residing anywhere in the neighborhood, you can consider ordering through Swiggy as well. It is comparatively safe.

After two months of lockdown in India, the Kammanahalli main road has started buzzing slowly. The shops and restaurants are open now and people are hitting the road in large numbers. This seems to be a kind of dangerous situation and I feel the lockdown may be implemented again. There is no sign of improvement with respect to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I suggest to come out only if you have to and always wear a mask. Carry hand sanitizer and please ensure social distancing and keep an eye on children too.

The food at Savoury is good, experience it to the full once the Covid-19 situation becomes normal. More posts coming restaurants in Kammanahalli, do follow if you are looking for one.

Should I visit your favorite restaurants? Please take the time to comment below and connect.


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