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Alfaham Chicken at Savoury Restaurant Kammanahalli

Alfaham Chicken at Savoury Restaurant Kammanahalli  It isn’t difficult to spot the Savoury restaurant on the Kammanahalli main road (Bangalore east), a landmark in itself. It’s a big property with high-class interiors perfectly suitable for family dining. When you dine here, choose between Arabian, Indian and Chinese cuisine.  Savoury Restaurant in Kammanahalli (Bangalore East) Alfaham BBQ Chicken  My order for the day was the Alfaham BBQ Chicken and the Jumbo Shawarma Roll and I chose to parcel it to home instead of dining-in. It is less safe dining out during the Covid-19 pandemic. Alfaham Chicken BBQ - Savoury Restaurant (Parcel) There are several restaurants in Kammanahalli where you can reach out for mouth-watering dishes. The Savoury is certainly the best among them, they serve quality food at an affordable price. Their menu list runs several pages and I will have to visit the restaurant many times to try it all. There is a lot to try in the vegetarian segment as well. My favorit

Selfie with Mahishasura Statue

Selfie with Mahishasura Statue Mahishashura Statue, Chamundi Hill, Mysore When you reach the summit of Chamundi hills, the first thing you will come across is the beautiful statue of Mahishasura. As you arrive here, you are likely to take the first selfie with the Mahisasura statue. Mahishasura Statue Mahishasura (ಮಹಿಷಾಸುರ, ಚಾಮುಂಡಿ ಬೆಟ್ಟ) Devotees from faraway places come to this sacred hill of Mysore to worship the Goddess Chamundeshwari at the temple dedicated to her atop the hill. The Chamundeshwari hill is about 13 km from the city center.   Chamundeshwari Temple  Chamundeshwari Temple Priese selling sacred items The Chamundi Hills or Chamundi Betta (betta " ಬೆಟ್ಟ"  means hill in the Kannada language) is not only a religious place but also a place of tourist interest. People of all faith from across the world travel here to admire the beauty of the hill station.  The Mahishasura statue at the Chamundi hills is a primary attraction and as you can see in the photo, every si

Angry Birds Birthday Cake (Amma’s Pastries)

Angry Birds Birthday Cake (Amma’s Pastries) My daughter is a big fan of Angry Birds and we decided to present her an Angry Bird Cake for her 11th Birthday. We ordered it from Amma’s Pastries in HRBR Layout, Bangalore. The cake was delivered to us at no extra cost. The print on the Angry Birds Cake was perfect and I hope the colours are edible.   This design consumed 1.5 Kgs of pastry and the Ammas Pastry charges us Rs. 925 including delivery charges. That’s $12.3 when you convert into USD. Angry Birds Birthday Cake (Gallery) Angry Birds Cake Birthday Candles Angry Birds Cake Birthday Candles on Angry Bird Cake Birthday Candles Lit (on Angry Birds Cake) Quick Review  I am not sure if Amma’s Pastry gave free door delivery before the COVID-19 pandemic. They now give door delivery so there is no need for us to go there and stand in line. I liked their service and full marks for this.  Full marks to Angry Birds Birthday cake too, there was no flaw in the print. The pastry was awesome but th

Vishnu Kala Arts Mysore (Mysore Paintings)

Vishnu Kala Arts Mysore (Mysore Paintings) Mr. Vittal Rao of Vishnu Kala Arts from Mysore invited me to witness his grand collection of Mysore Style of Paintings. He had organized the painting exhibition and sale in Kalamandir, a few months ago.   Maharaja of Mysore Painting of Maharaja of Mysore (Sold by Vishnu Kala Arts) Rukhmini Kalyana Painting of "Rukhmini Kalyana" Kurukshetra War Paintings Kurukshetra War Paintings Statues made of brass Brass Statues The collection consisted of both new and old paintings, some of them more than 100 years old. There were some brass statues as well. Every item exhibited was a valuable souvenir. Shopping in Mysore is complete when you take home a souvenir . I am working on a project titled “places to visit in Mysore” , it’s going to be filled with loads of photos with brief information. Follow the link and let’s explore together.   What else you can do in Mysore? Well, you can visit Mysore Palace, Zoo, Chamundi Hills and if you are foodie,

Hotel Hanumanthu Pulav Mysuru (Mysore)

Hotel Hanumanthu Pulav Mysuru (Mysore) Hotel Hanumanthu is a popular restaurant in Mysore that serves yummy Mutton and Chicken Pulao.  Hanumanthu Pulao Hanumanthu Pulao Mysore is not only a tourist destination but also a destination for food. Unlike Bangalore, the “city of palace” has few restaurants that is worth visiting. The Hotel Hanumanthu is one such restaurant.  It is about a type of “Mutton or Chicken Pulav” that you will not get to eat in any other restaurant. If you are in Mysore and a “non-vegetarian”, head straight to this restaurant. They are open from 7 AM and are closed on Monday’s. Mutton Pulav Mutton Pulav Mutton Pulao sometimes reffered incorreclty as Mutton Biryani The restaurant has put a name board “Hotel Hanumanthu” but they are not a hotel. They serve just food! Like any other popular restaurant, there was one Hanumanthu restaurant in the beginning. Now there are several of them within in the city.  Most of the time people ask for “Hanumanthu Biryani” which is no

KFC Social Distancing Gallery

KFC Social Distancing  Photo gallery of our favorite food joint, Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC following social distancing in Bangalore. Covid-19 may have crippled the economy but it cannot stop it.  Social Distancing in KFC outlet Finger Licking Good Banner Social Distancing Marking Only three are allowed to sit but dining inside this KFC outlet was banned when I took these photographs.  Social Distancing Messages - 1 Social Distancing Message - 2 Social Distancing Message - 3 Contactless Takeaway Corona virus has come to this world and is going to go very late. Let’ s pray god to give us strength to fight this deadly virus. Hope the medicines and vaccines for corona virus will reach us soon.  All images captured with Redmi Note 5 Pro smartphone .